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Announcements : LAW: Sydney 2017

Announcement: LAW: Sydney 2017

Per the email from CGLP on 7/10/17, the policy number for SCU has changed. Here is the new card. The R was dropped from the policy number.

Program Director Information:
Prof. Evangeline Abriel
(408) 554-5368
Aussie #: 0481 255 856 (From US  011 61 481 255 856)

Sydney 2017 revised syllabus April 27, 2017.pdf

Site and optional visits 2017.pdf
Sydney Refugee Law Materials:
Cover sheet and table of contents.pdf
Unit 1 Current refugee situations Part A.pdf
Unit 1 Part B.pdf
Unit 2 International and Regional Definitions of Refugee.pdf
Unit 3 Overview of the Australian Legal System.pdf
Unit 4 U.S. definition of refugee; overview of U.S. protection programs.pdf
Unit 5 Overview of Australia's protection program.pdf
Unit 6 The Concept of Persecution.pdf
Unit 7 The Nexus Requirement.pdf
Unit 8 Protected Grounds of Religion, Race, and Nationality.pdf
Unit 9 Protected Ground of Political Opinion.pdf
Unit 10 Protected Ground of Membership in a Particular Social Group.pdf
Unit 11 Exceptions to Protection.pdf
Unit 12 The Convention against Torture.pdf
Unit 13 The Process of Establishing the Claim.pdf
Unit 14 Other forms of relief.pdf

Sydney Refugee Law Hypotheticals
Coming soon! 

Sydney newsletter 1 - March 1, 2017.pdf 
Sydney Email - Electronics, Reading Materials 05.06.17.pdf
Sydney Email 5.11.17 - Hypotheticals now posted to our course portal.pdf
Sydney Email 5.14.17 - Accessing UTS site.pdf
Sydney Email 5.18.17 - Arriving in Sydney.pdf
Sydney Email 5.18.17 - Prof. Abriel's Phone number.pdf

3.17.17 - Email #1 - General Information and Reminders from CGLP.pdf
3.24.17 - Email #2 - Financial Aid and Facebook.pdf
4.4.17 - Email #3 - Orientation, Tuition deadline, Passport and Waivers.pdf
5.10.17 - Possible Electronics Ban.pdf

Santa Clara Law - Sydney

Other Items from SCU:
SCU Student Code of Conduct
Department of State Country Specific Information
Centers for Disease Control Traveler's Health
Department of State Worldwide Travel Alert 

Department of State - Australia Specific Info.
Centers for Disease Control - Australia Specific Info.\
Department of State - Fiji Specific Info.
Centers for Disease Control - Fiji Specific Info.

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