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  • Locations: Vienna, Austria
  • Program Terms: Summer
  • Budget Sheets: Summer
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Fact Sheet:
Language of instruction: English Areas of study: Law
Class Standing: J.D., LL.M., Other
Program Description:
Summer Abroad in Vienna

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Mix & Match:  Students may be placed in an externship in Vienna, Budapest, or Kuwait at the conclusion of the Vienna academic program. Alternatively, students may enroll in the Geneva program or the Oxford program at the conclusion of the Vienna academic program.

Anticipated 2018 Dates:
5/21/18 - 6/8/18
Approximate Externship Dates: 6/11/18 - 7/20/18

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Class: Law and Business in the European Union (4 units)

Vienna_2The program in Vienna offers students a unique opportunity to learn more about international business issues within a European framework. Students will receive a comprehensive overview of European Union Law, and lectures on current developments, including 
"Brexit", of critical importance to American investors.  Lectures will be given by top experts at the University of Vienna Faculty. of Law.
Students will visit the Austrian Parliament and the Supreme Court where further issues will be discussed. 
Students will engage in a general study of the Austrian legal system and comparative studies between the civil and common law systems. The course then shifts its focus to European Union law, covering its sources, framework and fundamental principles. Classes run for three weeks, and most are held in the mornings. They meet either at the law school of the University of Vienna or at the Austrian National Defense Academy, where participants may choose to stay. Students will have full use of the law library and other facilities at the University of Vienna School of Law. Both the School of Law and the National Defense Academy are located in the historic center of Vienna.Students may end this program with the final examination in Vienna followed by an externship in Vienna. Alternatively, they may continue to Budapest, Bulgaria, or Kuwait for an externship.

For more general information and FAQs on all of our programs, please visit


Externships: Budapest, Bulgaria, or Kuwait (4 units)

Budapest Externships: Students may secure an externship in major international law offices, corporate legal offices, in-house legal departments or government agencies. Students gain valuable practical experience by doing legal work under the supervision of a professional in the host country, while integrating into the legal culture of the country, and make invaluable professional contacts. 

Bulgaria Externships: Externships in Bulgaria, a member of the European Union and sitting on the Black Sea, would deal with challenges currently faced in the wake of Brexit as well as border issues in the Balkans that have been exacerbated by the migrant crisis. This externship will give you time to view the unfolding drama and development of the EU from a Balkan perspective.

Kuwait Externships: Externships with one of the leading law firms in the Gulf region.

The expectation of an extern is full-time work from the period of the externship (e.g., 40 hours or more a week of supervised legal work). Santa Clara Law requires a minimum of 50 hours of supervised legal work for each externship unit of credit. 

Please note placement times vary. Some placements may not be finalized until the start of the class portion and some placements are finalized during the class portion. Please be patient and do not book non-refundable travel.

Fees & Financial Aid

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $300 for the class and an additional non-refundable deposit of $700 for an externship (if applicable) is required to secure your spot and it is applied to the tuition charge.

Tuition: The tuition charge is $1,125/unit for J.D. students. LL.M. students should contact us for tuition information.
In example, the total is $4,500 for classes and an additional $4,500 for an externship (if you select this option), for a total of $9,000.

Financial Aid: US law students are typically eligible for financial aid to cover tuition, airfare, housing, food, local travel costs and school supplies (click here for more information). Financial Aid goes through a student's home institution. A consortium agreement is setup between the home institution and Santa Clara University.


Participants have the option of residing in rooms at the Austrian National Defense Academy (Landesverteidigungsakadamie, Stiftgasse 2A) or finding accommodations on their own. The Academy, a branch of the Austrian military, is in the center of Vienna, twenty minutes on foot from the School of Law where many classes will be held. All rooms are singles.

Stiftgasse is very centrally located. You can walk to classes and you can walk to downtown Vienna. The rooms here are dormitory style accommodations with a shared bathroom down the hall.

There are optional meals that are very reasonably priced - Breakfast for €2 and Lunch for €4.

The 2018 housing options are:

Single rooms in Stiftgasse are €26 per night. (A total of 15 rooms are available.)

The opening reception and some of the lectures and discussions are scheduled at the Academy. The director and program office will be located at the Academy. The facility is very modern and because it is a military establishment, quite secure!

Students are responsible for housing during the externship period. 

Santa Clara University does not endorse any housing provider or have any relationship with any housing provider and students should thoroughly research their housing options.  

Exploring The Area

Little needs be said to describe physically and culturally the cities of Vienna and Budapest. Both are “must see” cities of the world. Music, culture, history, marvelous food, and pure beauty are on every corner. In addition to being beautiful and exciting capitals, each city and country has a less well known legal history that serves as an ideal base from which to study civil and comparative law as well as the problems and issues of the European Union.

One hundred years ago, each of these countries was part of the vast Austro-Hungarian empire, with Vienna and Budapest serving as the empire’s dual capitals. At the end of World War I, each country became a distinct republic. The onset of World War II created Nazi German domination, and each country experienced both similar and contrasting experiences under the communist legal and political system. Beginning first with Austria, each secured full independence, becoming as they are today constitutional democracies. Both joined the European Union at different times.

Austria, similar to Switzerland, remains militarily neutral. But, unlike Switzerland, Austria is a member of the European Union. This presents Austria with unique political and economic issues that we will study. By contrast, Hungary recently secured EU membership but has not pursued more complete integration into the European defense community. New integration into the EU, as well as military alliance, presents its own domestic issues and pressures for the former Czechoslovakia and Hungary making them distinct from Austria. All-in-all, a fascinating study of issues and contrasts, which take place over the summer.  All are guided by natives who have experienced much of this historical transition.

Travel Information

AXA/ACE Travel Assistance Program Information (all students enrolled in the program are covered)
US State Department Tips for Traveling Abroad
US State Department Travel Safety Information
US Department of State Country Specific Information
US Embassies/Consulates
US Department of State: Passport Services
US Department of State Worldwide Caution
Centers for Disease Control Health Information

Traveling with Disabilities in Austria
Additional Information About Traveling with Disabilities


Summer 2017 Student Evaluation: Overall Experience 4.29 (Scale of 1-5, 1=poor, 5=excellent)

"The Vienna Program was a great experience, overall. The faculty from the University of Vienna is renown, approachable, and welcoming. We learned a lot of information about EU Law in three weeks. It was an honor to be there. As for Vienna - it is now my favorite city; Austria, my favorite country. It truly is an inspirational place - I didn’t want to leave!" Rosa Tran, SCU (2017)

"I was very pleased with my placement. It is a great, reputable firm and I was fortunate to be part of a supportive team. I enjoyed how my tasks were research based and I was able to get training on various departments' work." Pooja Sharma, SLS (2016)

"Each professor had a different style and covered more topics than we perhaps expected, but I could not be more pleased with this program. Each professor was extremely knowledgeable and lectured very well to those of us inexperienced with the subject matter. Everyone in Vienna was incredibly kind, and I appreciated their attention to our program and grateful for their participation."
Ariel Siner, SCU (2015)

“I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I chose to participate in the Vienna program this summer. It was an experience that I will always remember, and I feel so lucky to have studied with such a great group of students.” Laurel D., University of Denver (2012)

“The professors were all very knowledgeable. It was an honor to be in their classes. They were all very responsive to our questions and had great insights. This program was a very valuable learning experience and I am very grateful that I was able to participate in it.” Camille P., SCU (2012)

“Tours were appropriate and well-timed, falling into place with relevant lectures. UN, Parliament, Supreme Court: three MAJOR institutions. Overall very impressive.” Anonymous, SCU (2011)

“Fantastic, very impressive teachers from various disciplines gave a clear, well-rounded depiction of the EU.” Anonymous, SCU (2011)

Contact Us

Vienna Program Director: Professor Philip Jimenez,
The Center for Global Law and Policy:

Enrollment Limit: 25

2018 Visual Dates

This program is currently not accepting applications.