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Announcements : LAW: Geneva 2018

Announcement: LAW: Geneva 2018

Program Director Information:
Prof. Claudia Josi
(408) 551-1966

It is REQUIRED to have had the Yellow Fever vaccine for all travelers to Ghana (externship location). If you are doing the Ghana externship, please make sure to have this vaccine before you go.

In Case of Emergency:
  • If it is a life-threatening situation, call your local version of 911 first. If you, or someone else, are able to, call the phone number on your CHUBB card so that they can provide you with guidance.
  • Contact your Program Director so that they are aware of the situation and can help locally.
  • Call Santa Clara University's Campus Safety at (408) 554-4444 to let them know about any urgent situations. They will initiate a phone tree at Santa Clara.
  • Send an email ( or leave a voicemail (+1-408-551-1955) at the Center for Global Law and Policy
For calls to Campus Safety and CGLP, please convey the following information:
  1. Caller First and Last Name
  2. Caller relationship to person calling about
  3. Caller contact information
  4. First and Last Name of the student/participant involved
  5. Country in which the student/participant is currently located
  6. Name of the Program Abroad (make sure to mention Law)
  7. SCU ID#
  8. Detailed description of the situation (What happened to whom, when and where, etc.)
  9. Contact information for the student/participant, if different from the caller
  10. Who you have already contacted or left a message with

Geneva Housing Information from Prof. Josi - 3.6.18.pdf
Geneva Newsletter 2018-FINAL.pdf

Geneva Facebook Page

Other Documents:
3.12.18 - Email 1 - General information and reminders.pdf
3.19.18 - Email 2 - Financial Aid and Facebook.pdf
4.3.18 - Email #3 - Orientation, Tuition deadline, Passport and Waivers.pdf
4.11.18 - Email #4 - Tuition Due and Orientation.pdf

Course materials and Readings for students

Week one - Public International Law
Readings - please read before class

Syllabus PIL 2018.doc
Session 1_AC_Treaties.pdf
Session 2_AC PSD.pdf
Session 3_Evans_State Responsibility.pdf
Session 4_AC_Use of Force.pdf

Materials - you don't have to read them beforehand, but please bring them to class
Session 1_VCLT.pdf
Session 4_RES2625.pdf
Session 4_RES3314.pdf
For all sessions: UN.Charter.pdf

Week two - International Human Rights Law
Geneva - Syllabus for Week 2 - IHRL and TJ.docx
Moeckli et al, International Human Rights Law, pp 130-132.pdf
Steinhardt et al, Intl Hum Rts Lawyering, THE IDEA OF HUM RTS, pp 1-22.pdf
TJ in GE 2018.pdf

Week three - International Humanitarian Law
Reading List IHL 2018.docx

Week four - International Intellectual Property Law
Annotated Outline - with readings

Other Items from SCU:
SCU Student Code of Conduct
Department of State Country Specific Information
Centers for Disease Control Traveler's Health
Department of State Worldwide Travel Alert 
How to Make Sure You Travel with Medication Legally

Department of State - Switzerland Specific Info
Centers for Disease Control - Switzerland Specific Info
Department of State - France Specific Info.
Centers for Disease Control - France Specific Info.
Department of State - Ghana Specific Info.
Centers for Disease Control - Ghana Specific Info
Department of State - Ireland Specific Info.
Centers for Disease Control - Ireland Specific Info.
Department of State - United Kingdom Specific Info.
Centers for Disease Control - United Kingdom Specific Info.
Department of State - Malta Specific Info.
Centers for Disease Control - Malta Specific Info.
Department of State - South Africa Specific Info.
Centers for Disease Control - South Africa Specific Info.

Miscellaneous Links